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PP Non Woven Bag

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PP Non Woven Bag:

  Laminated Bag is also known as food packing bag. It is made of two or more layers. This is an effective way to keep the food inside the bag longer since the air is locked up and isolated from outside. Its appearance is nice and pleasant. The production materials are imported from Japan, USA or Germany, therefore, its quality is of a high standard. 

 The main products are Nylon Vacuum bag, Aluminum Foil bag, High Temperature Steaming/Boiling bag, Vertical Ziplock bag, different types of PVC Shirt Film and Shirt Bag, Shirt Label, and Recycle Shirt Film of PE, PP, PET, POF, Candy Wrapper, Cosmetic Bag, Laser Print Packing and other special packing materials. 

 The commonly used packing materials are NY, CPP, OPP, PET, VMPET, PE, MATOPP, CPE, VMCPP, KOP, ALF, PVC, PL etc.

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