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Non-Woven Bag

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Non-Woven Bag:

  Non-woven bags actually a way of life to promote reuse, reduce solid waste generation and improve the growing pollution. So bags are our main products, commonly have non-woven bag, nylon bag, bag embryo, canvas bag, non-woven laminated bags. Why non-woven bag is popular? Just because it is low cost, color, colorful, and multi-style changes, for instance, Drawstring bags, equivalent bag, vest bag, punching hand bags, zipper bags and so on. 60g,70g,80g,90g,100g,110g,120g,130g,140g.different weight non-woven fabric are available.

  Most people think that using non-woven bags on behalf of environmental protection, in addition to its nature over time can be decomposed, the bags also bear the meaning of repeated use, so the quality is very important. Laminated Non-woven bag is more popular for promotional produts.

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